Although a relative newcomer to Richmond, tourists and locals seeking fresh strawberry picking are flocking to Littlewood Berry Farm. We discuss why this new take on an old past-time has taken off!

Eating fresh strawberries the day they’re picked is a luxury that many of us in Tasmania take for granted. We are lucky to have clean air and water free from pollution. Even those in the middle of Hobart can find themselves in the country within a thirty minute drive.

strawberries at littlewood berry farm

Littlewood Berry Farm is a little slice of wholesome farm yard fun that’ll put a smile on your face. You and your family can pick your own strawberries. It’s great for reaching young kids where food really comes from! It’s also fun for adult tourists who want to get out of the car, stretch their legs and do something different from the usual sightseeing activities.

What makes Littlewood Strawberries so good?

They’re free from nasties – unlike most of the berries you’ll find at the supermarkets, there are no chemical sprays. They’re the real thing! Littlewood Berry Farm is a small boutique property, with a focus on freshness, taste and a great experience. The Nichols family have owned and farmed the area for over 40 years. Sophie Nichols, the owner and operator of Littlewood, takes great pride is providing the best produce and will greet you with a warm smile.

Punnets are provided, but you’re welcome to bring your own containers and take home a mountain load for cooking. Prices start at $10 per kilo.

What is there at Littlewood Berry Farm?

The cute little farm is a great place to casually spend an hour or two. The charming, rustic hut serves Valhalla ice cream and sorbet that uses their own berries. Seasonal jams, honey and sauces are also offered. If you’re there during the peak of season, you may be lucky enough to try some of Littlewood’s own rhubarb, mulberries, blueberries and raspberries.

The facilities include seating, toilets and a playground. It’s relaxing environment for weary tourists and parents and an adventure for the young and the curious.

Strawberries are seasonal, when the weather has been kind they will be ready to pick between October to April. If you’re planning a trip to Richmond close to the start or end of season, we’d recommend confirming availability with Littlewood beforehand.

In recent times it’s been the small batch growers like Littlewood that have won the hearts of the consumer. There’s a sense of honesty and quality that we don’t feel from the supermarket products. This has seen the berry farms in Tasmania take off in recent years, yielding 7.3 million in 2005-2006, to over 80 million in 2016-2017, with strawberries accounting for 60% of this. International consumers are beginning to notice the quality, with demand growing from northern parts of the United States, and Canada.

Address: 1192 Richmond Road, Richmond 7025
Open hours: 10am – 5pm everyday during season (may vary on public holidays)
Phone: 0438 602 582