Yes you did read that correctly! Richmond has a Pooseum. Creator and owner Karin Koch has created a museum “where talking about poo is not taboo”.

If you come here with an open mind, you’ll probably be surprised at how interesting and educational the pooseum really is. Karin has a background is tourism and event management and has used her experience to create a stimulating and enjoyable tourist venue.

pooseum richmond

A Pooseum? Who, Why & How?

After learning about small caterpillars having the capabilities to launch poo 1.5 metres, Karin conducted some research and found there was more to this commonly avoided topic than she initially thought.

She also felt motivated to break down the shyness in society about discussing poo after a friend was diagnosed with bowel cancer. It was discovered very late due to the shyness he felt in talking about such matters with his doctor.

What will you see at the Pooseum?

logo of pooseum richmond

On a visit to the Richmond pooseum, you will discover the work and fascinating findings of vets, biologists, ecologists and paleo scatologists. You will learn how poo is being used in energy production. How owls in Canada use poo to catch food. How driverless cars have been disabled by bird poo. And why people in India are buying cow poo on Amazon.

The displays are interactive and interesting for all ages (don’t worry the actual feces on display have been dehydrated). There are large information panels displaying specific topics in great detail. There’s a large touch screen with 3D models displaying the digestive system of ten different animals. If only biology class had been this interesting!

There’s a clever balance of intelligent information and fun trivia, such as weighing scales that tell you how many hours it would take an elephant to poo your body weight. Or find out who is the “poopetrator” (which feces belong to which animal).

Children to discerning adults will find something interesting here. Translations are available in Chinese and Japanese. There really aren’t many tourist attractions that are suitable for as wide a variety of people as this.

You can also tell people you visited the only Pooseum in the southern hemisphere, and one of three in the world. So far, the exhibition has been very well received, with the grand opening achieving a significant turnout, featuring mayors and actors.

Find out what the fuss is about on your next trip to Richmond.

Address: 22 Bridge Street Richmond, Tasmania
Open: Wednesday – Sunday, 10:00am – 5:00pm
Phone: 0413 802 826