After the famous bridge, Sweets and Treats is probably the most well-known attraction in Richmond. Commonly known by Tasmanians as “the Lolly shop”, this shop is based on the old fashioned style sweet stores and milk bars which are rarely seen nowadays. The selection available is truly endless with something for everyone.

sweets and treats lolly shop in richmond tasmania

When you walk through the door you’re instantly overwhelmed by a floor to ceiling display of lollies. Most of these are displayed in large glass jars and you’re encouraged to purchase these by weight. Most people ask for 100-200 grams of each sweet, selecting about 4-5 of their favourites.

You’ll find an endless selection of jelly, chocolate, fudge and liquorice based sweets. All the non-packaged items are made in Tasmania. This is one of the few places you can still find the old English style boiled sweets as well as other old favourites such as Chicos, musk sticks, sherbet, acid drops, Warheads, chocolate freckles and lollipops which are almost as large as your face! Fans of those hard to get American brands such as Hershey’s will also be impressed.

Those who are old enough to remember the old fashioned style Lolly shops and milk bars will appreciate the nostalgia and warmth Sweets and Treats provides. Nowadays buying confectionary has become a rather dull and thoughtless process, where we buy from a small selection at the supermarket. Sweets and Treats recaptures the excitement that has been lost. Younger generations will also be amazed and will enjoy being able to try old favourites and something new.

Sweets and Treats doesn’t just do lollies well, they also have a gigantic selection of ice cream, and tall and generously served milkshakes and a hot nuts bar. After the sugar wears off you can enjoy a tea or coffee before continuing your travels.

Sweets and Treats is situated on Bridge Street in the centre of Richmond Village. It’s in one of Richmond’s oldest historic buildings which for many years operated as a pub. In 1985 it became Sweets and Treats and has recently undergone internal renovations to include additional seating.

It’s close to the village green and Richmond Bridge which make a great place to relax with your treats or for kids to run off their sugar rush.

And if you return home and find you’re now addicted, you can buy your favourite treats on the Sweets and Treats website and have them mailed to your door.

Address: 50 Bridge Street Richmond 7025
Phone: 03 62602395