There are few things in life you can depend on, but the universal love of cheese is one you know won’t change!

The Wicked Cheese Co in Richmond Tasmania is one of the reasons that cheese is seen in such a way!

Head cheese maker Ashley McCoy has spent years perfecting his trade, or as he calls it “both an art and a science”. His experience was developed in France, Italy, the UK and Tasmania’s own King Island.

Health and hygiene are critical when producing dairy foods and Ashley also has extensive experience across these areas. His experience includes being registered as an RAB QSA Food Safety Auditor, previously been employed by the Victorian government as a regulatory officer and technical advisor for the dairy industry. He has implemented quality management systems for King Island Dairies and Nortas.

wicked cheese tasting richmond

Ashley personally trains his cheese makers in his methods, ensuring the products are consistent with his standards.

Of course techniques are crucial, but skill and craftsmanship mean little without the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

In cheese making, it comes down to the milk. This starts with a healthy, pollutant-free environment, which Tasmania is known for. The air is clean from winds that blow in from the ocean.

Then it’s the cows. Cows have room to roam and eat the fresh grass in their paddocks. This means your not being subjected to GMO’s, synthetic pesticides or herbicides which grain fed cows are exposed to. The cows are also not being subjected to growth hormones, a common practice to increase milk production. Not only is this harsh on the cows, it often results in high levels of bacteria in the milk.

Wicked Cheese also produce cheese from goat’s milk. Goats milk cheese is becoming more popular due the healthier fats and ease of digestion. However some have been put off the taste, which can be too sweet and pungent for some. You’ll find a variety of goats milk cheeses, ranging from a rich Triple Cream Brie with added cow cream, a hard goats cheese with a cream texture and a blue cheese with a sharp flavour. This variety caters for the goats cheese aficionados to even converting the loyal cows milk cheese supporters.

Those from the baby-boomer generation will look back fondly at the days of being served milk at school. Real milk with a creamy flavour. You’re able to relive those days at Wicked Cheese. After the cow is milked, the milk is transferred to the bottle on the same day with minimal intervention. There’s no homogenisation, no cream is removed and no permeate is added to dilute the taste. Drop your watered-down light might and give this a try!

What also makes wicked cheese stand out is the experience provided at their tasting house in Richmond. Visitors have the chance to learn about the different varieties of cheeses, the quality of the ingredients and production techniques used. And of course, you can taste the cheese and make up your own mind. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised!

If you’re keen to sit down and relax for the afternoon, there’s a restaurant on site with cheese platters, salads, burgers and desserts. Enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures – sitting back with a glass of wine, and grazing on a selection of gourmet cheeses.

Some favourite cheeses you must try include:

Wicked Triple Cream Brie

This is a creamy cheese with a rich, buttery flavour. Covered in white mould, the cheese continues to develop flavour during maturation. As the cheese develops in age it gains a slight hint of mushroom and ammonia.

Wicked Camembert

This is a traditional cheese done incredibly well. It has a slight salty taste with hints of mushroom which throughout maturation develops a tasty gooey texture. The craftsmanship here is clearly evident – there’s no stabilisers or other artificial nonsense used here!

Wicked Chilli Camembert

This one’s a crowd favourite! It’s a soft camembert with green peppercorns and chilli. Those game enough to try will receive a staggered experience, first tasting the peppercorn, then the creaminess of the camembert and then the chilli kicks the door down and joins in the party.

Cheddar lovers will be pleased to know that Wicked also produces a chilli cheddar variety.

Wicked Waxed Blue

A perfect addition to your cheese board! The waxed blue cheese is full of flavour with slight hints of acidity. This is a rindless cheese which has been matured in a wax coating. This process restricts oxygen supply, hence the sweet and fruity flavour. Goes well with quince paste, grapes and dried fruits.

Wicked Vintage Cloth Bound Cheddar

This cheese is the result of the highest craftsmanship in cheese making. For starters it’s handmade – a true rarity in this day and age. It’s matured for a minimum of 12 months, which allows it to develop a buttery taste with a clean taste of acidic flavour that develops with increased aging.

Wicked Cheese received praise not only from visitors, but from industry experts. The number of awards Ashley has achieved is simply staggering. For example, in 2016, Wicked Cheese won:

Gold Medal

Hobart Fine Food Awards 2016 – Wicked Triple Cream Brie, Richmond Brie, Richmond Camembert

Silver Medal

Hobart Fine Food Awards 2016 – Wicked Brie, Wicked Camembert, Wicked Clothbound Cheddar, Wicked Relatively Blue, Wicked Waxed Blue, Wicked William Hard Goat Cheese, Richmond Milk,

Bronze Medal

Hobart Fine Food Awards 2016 – Wicked Vintage Cheddar,

Make sure you drop in on you way to or from Richmond – preferably with an empty stomach!

Address: 1238 Richmond Rd

Phone: (03) 6260 2341